Why Today’s Taps are Proving Tip Top

Why Today’s Taps are Proving Tip Top

Today’s stylish kitchens require equally impressive taps to match – not only in terms of looks but also function. And never before has there been such an impressive range for homeowners and kitchen designers alike to choose from.

From filter taps which provide instant steaming hot water to temperature sensitive LED taps which change colour depending on how hot or cold the water is, choosing taps these days is no longer a toss-up over whether you want swivel or crosshead taps.

Here at London Kitchen Designer we’re impressed by a number of upmarket tap manufacturers but our favourite is Swiss-manufactured Franke taps. Not only is the quality of the materials and finish top class, but we also love their ingenuity of design.

Take the company’s Cresta tap in silk steel, for instance; the paddle controls mean the tap can be operated using just the wrists – perfect if you’ve been handling raw meat and don’t want to contaminate the tap levers:

Franke’s Cresta tap in silk steel

Another favourite from Franke is the Augusta tap. Also produced in silk steel, we love the stylish design where the taps sits individually on the worktop. How neat is this:

Franke’s Augusta tap, in silk steel

Earlier we mentioned colour changing LED taps. And here’s a fine example right here. It’s an LED single lever tap which changes colour depending on how hot or cold the water is (the water is red when hot, blue if cold and green for luke warm).

LED Colour-changing Single Lever Tap

Another favourite manufacturer of the team here when it comes to kitchen tap aesthetics and overall quality is ‘her Majesty’s tap makers’ Perrin & Rowe. This is the company which fits taps in the kitchens and bathroom of the Dorchester and other five star luxury hotels, as well as Buckingham Palace!

And certainly, they do a fine range of traditional styles to complement their contemporary and country offerings. The Perrin & Rowe Aquitaine Single Lever Monobloc Mixer certainly gives off a traditional feel with its look of elegant grandeur:

Perrin & Rowe Aquitaine Single Lever Monobloc in chrome

London-based Perrin & Rowe have a particularly strong selection of different finishes for their kitchen taps. From chrome to nickel, pewter and gold, there’s a tap to beautifully co-ordinate with most contemporary kitchen designs and colour schemes today. Take a look at the following lovely lever finishes for starters:

Perrin and Rowe quality lever finish selections

When it comes to choosing taps we can only advise of course; the ultimate say is yours (which is how it should be). However, we can point you in the direction of our kitchen tap suppliers waterline.co.uk and where you can spend as long as you like online checking out the designs and weighting up the merits of one tap against the other, in the comfort of your own home.

Meanwhile, you can always contact us here on 0208 504 8850 for further advice on taps or other areas of kitchen design. Check out our website www.londonkitchendesigner.co.uk for inspiration and to see our latest kitchen refits. We think you’ll be impressed…

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